This site is not affiliated with WhiskeyFest NW nor the artist Klutch. It is simply the story of how an organization backed by creative individuals and corporate sponsors chose to deface a work-in-progress mural in the heart of Portland's Pearl District.

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New Mural Installation on Block 15!

by Bettie de Witt via Klutch himself
Over the course of the next 3 months Portland artist Klutch and his team will be creating a temporary 130 ft mural at Block 15. He initially planned to do a Kickstarter fundraiser to pay for his supplies but instead took advantage of the nice weather to begin work on Feb. 20. With 3 clear days and donated funds Klutch and his crew have already transformed a bare plywood wall into an very colorful vision of things to come.
Photo: Doug Shapiro
Photo: Doug Shapiro
Klutch says that his vision for this wall is to create a mural that will continuously evolve over its temporary lifespan. Aesthetically the mural’s content will be a mixture of abstract backgrounds and brightly-colored organically-influenced surreal characters. Feathers, plants, clouds, and bubbles are all frequent elements that appear in his work.
Photo: Klutch
Photo: Klutch
This is one dedicated team so expect to see them working anytime it’s not raining. These guys are truly in love with painting murals and the hundreds of hours of their time they are donating to this project is clear evidence of this. In addition, they are also self-funding all of their paint and supplies. Any day now Klutch will be launching a Kickstarter fundraiser to recoup his costs and I will share that link as soon as it becomes live. They are all friendly and articulate guys so feel free to approach them and inquire about the mural.
Klutch and team
Photo: Doug Shapiro
Klutch has been creating visual mischief for three decades and his work had appeared on walls, galleries, and magazines around the world. In 2005 the suite that he painted for San Francisco’s Hotel Des Arts was featured in Time magazine’s annual Best Of issue.
We appreciate all that Klutch and his crew are doing to add to the exciting visual aesthetic of the North Pearl. Can’t wait to see the final result!

A great disrespect has been committed against Klutch as an artist and all those who appreciated the color and energy he was in the process of bringing to this empty Portland parking lot. The disrespect was so intense, it pushed the artist to destroy his own work in response. This is a sad day both for the work and for the Portland art scene as a whole.

My intention for creating this page is simple: I implore all those who feel moved by this act of anti-art to make your voices heard on this issue, especially those whose names are printed on this heinous act as unknowing co-conspirators.

May this attack and event no longer receive your support, performance, or money.

Bands directly listed as co-conspirators on the banner:
  • Robert Randolph & The Family Band
  • Stone Foxes
  • Poor Old Shine
Sponsors directly listed as co-conspirators on the banner:
  • EartH2O
  • Pacific Seafood
  • Legacy
  • Crater Lake Soda
  • Columbia Distributing
  • Hoyt
  • Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
  • The Portland Mercury
  • The Brew 105.9
  • Blue Blazes